Why Tarot is a Great Learning Tool

The Tarot is not only fun, it never lies. With enough practice you can develop your intuition for a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. Watch this video to find out more about how Tarot works with your innate intuitive abilities.

This series will get you ready to be a professional level Tarot Reader! Hope to see you there!



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Would you like to be able to read Tarot for yourself?

Or  would you like to learn how to become a Professional-Grade Tarot Reader?

You’re invited to join us on a 6 part Tarot Workshop series, held online for your convenience.

It starts on March 12, 2023 and ends on April 16, 2023

 We will cover Tarot basics and beyond.

*Tarot is not only a divination tool, it’s an ancient art, a spiritual practice, a ritual, a mirror of self-reflection. A bridge between the subconscious and the conscious, between your logical mind and your intuitive mind, the unseen world and the physical world, the esoteric and the pragmatic, between you and your inner guidance system, between you and your client.

Would you like to discover the secrets go the Tarot in order to understand the purpose of your life better?

Would you like to be of service to to others?

* Tarot finds meaning through symbology, archetypes, and intuition.

Tarot can help you with:

* Getting truth and clarity

* Opening, practicing, developing, and trusting our intuition

*Connecting to the spiritual world

*Navigating your life path with more understanding

*Creating a deeper relationship with yourself

*Creating affinity with those you do readings

*Finding an approachable way to begin learning Metaphysics

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions:

* Who am I really? What do I offer the world?

* What’s the meaning of my life? How do the events in my life support that meaning?

* What are the deeper connections within the relationships in my life?

* Why is this current situation in my life happening right now?

* What can I do right now in this current situation?

* How do/will my choice(s) effect my life?

*If you’ve ever asked yourself these types of questions (and beyond); have felt lost, confused, or doubtful of what the answers might be, Tarot helps to bring insight and clarity to any given situation.

*It’s an introspective tool that helps us understand things from new and deeper perspectives which can aid us in our decision-making process, so we may find peace and navigate life a little easier during uncertain times.

*Though Tarot’s origin is a bit of a mystery, it has been alluded to being around since the ancient Egyptian times, deriving from the Book of Thoth. There’s a deep tie between these cards and ancient esoteric wisdom. Tarot has been used as a profound system of self-exploration and divination through the use of visual symbols connected to the Universal Archetypes that we all share in our collective unconscious. The tangibility of these symbolic cards assists the seeker to bridge the gap between esoteric mysteries and the mundane world that we’re all learning to interact with in practical yet meaningful ways.

*Enlightenment can be seen as an emergence from the darkness of our limited sense-perceptions and thought framework, into an awareness of a greater reality. When we tap into our intuition, we are re-discovering the hidden knowledge that was living in those dark spaces within. We bring them to light.

*Symbols speak to a deeply primal ancient part of our souls. When we connect with them, they can reach the deepest recesses of the human psyche, enabling us to communicate with parts of ourselves that have been shut off by the conditioning of our logical world. We bring them to light.

*Tarot accurately symbolizes the very framework of the Universe. Throw doubt out the window and trust this doorway into the psychic realm. There’s a reason why Tarot readers and the seekers who’ve benefited from the information that gets brought forth, say: ‘Tarot never lies.’

*This speaks to the concept that everything is a fractal microcosm of everything else… a reflection. So, what the cards show you is a reflection of what’s happening around you through their images.

*Randomness is a modern concept stemming from a linear way of thinking. The ancients believed in correspondences. Correspondences: events or patterns in one area of existence that correspond to events and patterns in other areas. Everything is connected. We are one.

”For every movement of every leaf on every tree, there’s a reason, and every movement is inter-related. There’s no such thing as an accident…. Separation is a myth. We’re all part of one great unity.”

- Robert Wang

*When we begin learning Tarot, we get acquainted with the traditional meanings for each card that connects us to this Archetypal collective unconscious. There is so much in just one card! Then gradually, as we continue to work with them, we develop a connection to each card and weave in our own personal meanings that enrich our readings through personalization. You can’t get it wrong. Remember, we are all one.

If this all sounds intriguing to you, you will receive a lot of value in these interactive classes. They’re easy and fun, yet packed with a lot knowledge and insights.

Each class will consist of:

A review of each card per each respective section

A grounding and mind clearing meditation

Key sheets and workbooks

Building a personal relationship with the cards

Intuitive and self-discovery exercises

Learning and practicing tarot spreads

Answers to any and all student Tarot questions

*The Tarot deck is divided into 3 sections: Major Arcana, Pip Cards, Court cards:

1. The Major Arcana are the most important of the deck as they deal with big life themes which expose the underlying energy in all situations and subconscious motivations.

2. The Pip cards are the action or state of being cards, and are divided into 4 different suits pertaining to everyday life

3. The Court cards are the personality cards, also divided into 4 different suits (same ones as the Pip cards)

*All 3 sections are linked in with Astrology, Numerology and Kaballah correspondences. Free reference workbook, yours to keep!


*DATE– MARCH 12, 2023


Learn the meanings & numerology; build a relationship with

the 1st and most important 22 cards of the deck

*DATE– MARCH 19, 2023


Learn the meanings & numerology; build a relationship with

The 40 Pip cards that consist of the numbered suits

*DATE– MARCH 26, 2023


Learn the meanings, find your significator; build a relationship with

The 16 Court Cards in the deck


*DATE— APRIL 2, 2023


Learn the Astrological correspondences to each of the cards

*DATE– APRIL 9, 2023


Learn the Astrological correspondences to each of the cards

*DATE– APRIL 16, 2023


Learn the Astrological correspondence of the cards


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